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Dan is an action taker. Better yet, he knows which actions to take to get the quickest results. I highly recommend working with Dan to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground and moving in the right direction.


I have been following Dan since I started my affiliate marketing journey. His knowledge and guidance have been instrumental to my growth as an affiliate marketer and as an influencer in the affiliate marketing space.


How Spencer Mecham (ClickFunnels Top Affiliate) Made $10,000 in his first two months as a ClickFunnels Affiliate

*Did I mention that he had no social following? Or that he had ZERO people on his list?

Dan Frigo, August 6th, 2018
Have you heard of the ClickFunnels affiliate program?

Let’s just say it’s a powerful way to make recurring income extremely quickly if you know what your doing. And we’re about to show you exactly what you need to do.

My friend Spencer made $100k his first year in the program and $10k his first month.

He’s agreed to give out a case study to all my subscribers for free where he lays out his $10k a month strategy.

I doubt he keeps it up forever, but you can get it here for now.

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