Exploring Content Types for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Most people mistakenly think that written content is the only type of content to use in their marketing campaign.  There are more content options you should be considering besides the written blog posts, eBooks, articles, etc.  That’s the written format that many brands will focus on.  But the truth is that if you want a successful marketing campaign, you’re gonna have to branch out and explore the other content types as well.  This will help you pull in a greater percentage of your audience.

Below are the top content types you can include in your content marketing strategy for maximum results.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a vital part of a successful content marketing plan.  Blogging allows you to establish your brand as an authority in your niche.  People can easily see all the other posts that you have previously published on your site.

Case Studies

People love to read case studies.  Showcase your product or service that you are selling with a case study on how your product was able to help people.  This is a great way to show how your product can meet their needs.


Videos are extremely popular right now.  Some people prefer watching videos to simply reading content.  Select your most popular content and repurpose it into video format for your audience who prefer to get their content in video form.


Infographics can sum up your content’s main points in a matter of seconds.  Your audience can visually scan your infographic and know right away what you are talking about without needing to read hundreds of words.


If your content is full of actions that should be taken, a checklist will give them an outline of the steps they need to take.  Checklists are also a great freebie to offer to new members when they join your mailing list.

Social Media Posts

You can also repurpose your most popular content into graphics that are easy for your audience to share on social media.


Select popular posts that you can copy and paste your key points from into a PowerPoint presentation.  Make it professional and visually polished before you upload it into sites like SlideShare. 


In recent years, quizzes have gained in popularity.  People love the interaction and it allows them to become engaged and connect with your content.

Online Courses

You’ll find that online courses can be a big success.  People can devour the content easily and find all the information they are looking for in one place.


Memes are all over social media.  They usually reflect the hottest topics that people are talking about.  If your audience relates well to it then your meme can go viral!

Everyone is different and so is the way they respond to different content types.  Using a variety allows you to appeal to a larger audience.   See our previous post, What Your Content Marketing Plan Needs, for more great advice on creating a successful content marketing strategy.


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