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Promote Your Online Business Like A Pro

The success of an online business depends on solid marketing and promotion.  You need a strong marketing strategy to introduce your brand.  Below are five ways to direct traffic to your site and promote your business.

Google Ads

One of the best-known forms of paid advertising is through Google.  When a user searches for a particular search term they are known as keywords.  Marketers bid on these keywords and these ads will show up on Google when a user searches for that particular term.  Google charges the advertiser every time a user clicks on one of the sponsored ads.

These are some great ways to promote your business and works much quicker compared to regular SEO methods. 

Facebook Ads

Now more than ever, people are listing their products and services on Facebook.  They offer a large variety of advertising types to accommodate every different business model.

Facebook offers what they call sponsored stories.  These stories are a type of organic marketing technique where advertisers will highlight user feedback about the brand.


Quora is a highly popular question and answer site.  All you need to do is answer questions on this site that relate to your topic.  So, if you have a blog about creating an online business, then you could easily answer questions on that subject.  Not only can people see your logo and brand, but you can insert affiliate links or links to your blog.  It’s a great way to get your brand out there.


It’s important to collaborate with other businesses in your field of work, especially for freelancers and small online business owners.  Anytime you join forces you get the benefit of everyone’s input versus doing it alone.

Contact Meetings

Never underestimate the power of meeting people face to face to build an online business.  This allows you to know people on a more personal level and build trust.  You are going to need a few people that you can interact with on that deeper level.  Strive to talk to people face to face instead of using texting and messaging platforms.





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