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How to Bring in Extra Cash Each Month Using These Top Side Hustles

Who couldn’t use some extra cash?  All of us are trying to make ends meet nowadays.  If you are living paycheck to paycheck and have no savings you will want to check into getting a side hustle started. If you have a profitable side hustle, you can use the extra cash flow to pay off your debts and loans.

It may seem nearly impossible to generate an extra $500-$1000 a month.  The good news is it is possible!  Below are some top side hustles for you to try out to start increasing your monthly cash flow.


Blogging may not bring you an immediate ROI (return on investment), but it’s a good passive income source when you get it up and running.  There’s no limit on the amount of income you can get from your blog once you start driving traffic from social media and search engines.

Video Marketing

You can promote sponsored products through video marketing.  Do tutorials and video reviews on YouTube being sure to monetize it with affiliate links and ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote your affiliate links on your social media platforms and your blog.  You want to promote items that your followers will find useful.

Social Media Influencer

If you have a large following on social media and your content scores high engagement rates, congratulations your technically considered a social media influencer.  That status allows you to be able to dictate which brands YOU want to do business with and what rates you find acceptable.

social media influencer

Managing Social Media

There are many businesses out there that don’t know what they should be doing with their social media accounts.  This is where you step in.  In the role of social media manager, you are able to make a substantial impact on businesses. You’re not limited to only one client.  Handling many clients is possible when you are automating social media activities.

Selling Information Products

It’s extremely popular nowadays to sell eBooks and eCourses. Creating content is fairly simple in these types of formats.  You may find it’s easier to outsource to professionals who can produce quality content faster.


If you’re thinking about doing some freelancing in designing, writing, app building, or web design – then you should check out sites like Freelancer.com or Upwork.com.

** It’s important to note that these are global marketplaces.  People from all over the world will be competing on skills and pricing.  Set yourself apart from your competition and be confident in your abilities.  Don’t be afraid to list the rates that you deserve for your skills!

There’s a variety of ways to earn extra cash from your side hustle.  Choose an area that matches your interest and skill set.  Read our previous post, Branding Your Side Hustle, for more information on the effect branding can make.




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