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How to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Blog and Why You Need One

Over the past ten years, blogging has become a huge money-maker for online bloggers.  Although there are currently over two billion blogs on the internet, not all of them are making money.  The problem is that bloggers often try to write on a large variety of topics in the hopes of reaching more readers.  Unfortunately, what happens is that they end up being lost in the mix of all the topics.  If your goal is to be a successful blogger and generate revenue from the content you create, you have to focus on a specific target or blog niche.

It’s vital that you take the time to define your niche.  By doing this you are able to concentrate your efforts on a small, distinct group of the population.   Defining your niche is also good for your reputation as an expert.  Your niche audience is more likely to remember what you excel in and will be more likely to refer you to others who are looking for your particular product or service.  When you are able to serve your target audience well, you’ll enjoy success in your business.

The following are five key tips to help you find the perfect niche for your blog so that you can start making money online.

Use Reddit 

Reddit is a top online forum that covers thousands of topics.  You can find communities that are centered around any imaginable topic from business start-ups to cookie baking.  It’s very easy to use Reddit to find the right niche for you.  You simply click on the “Random” button and go through the page that you land on and you will discover communities that you may not have been aware of before.

Use Google Trends

Using Google Trends is a great way to see what people are currently searching for online, which will help you determine your blog niche.  Another way that it can provide you with more insight is from the tools it provides its users.  These tools enable users to compare different keywords and provides geographical information as to which areas have higher search volumes for a particular topic.  With that information, you are able to find your target audience.

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Use Social Media

Your social media networks are another great way to find your ideal blogging niche.  Facebook groups will provide you with a variety of topics and communities.  Pinterest will show you what people are pinning about the most.  You can also look at other people’s boards to discover new untapped markets.  Odds are you’re probably already on your social media daily, so use them to their fullest potential.

The Changing of Seasons

The time of year and the changing seasons can give you some ideas for various niches.  An example of this would be the way that during spring the market becomes full of Easter-related items.  However, you won’t be able to find much along the lines of Christmas during this time.  This gives you the chance to limit your competition, change your target, and narrow down your niche.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

When you are trying to find a niche you need to be asking yourself the right questions.  What experiences and helpful knowledge can you give your target audience?  Think about what you’ve accomplished and your unique skills to help you choose your niche.  After you figure that out, you simply add your personality to begin to create quality content for your niche.

These tips will help you get started in selecting the right niche for your blog.   If you are looking for information on affiliate marketing niches, see our previous post, How to Find a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche.

Now it’s time to dive right in and put your best effort into creating content that your readers appreciate.  When your audience approves of what you’re presenting them, you’ll see your revenue increase.


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