Marketing Funnels for Business Growth

Marketing funnels for business growth are the key to your business success. Without a high converting funnel, you cannot capture leads and prospects that should convert into paying customers.

Every funnel has two parts: the front-end and the back-end. Miss the mark on one, and your business suffers. Anyone can create a funnel, but it takes thought and follow-through to build it successfully. We will explore the top five elements to build your successful marketing funnel.

They include:

  • The Key To A High Converting Front-end
  • The Number 1 Rule Of Any Successful Sales Funnel
  • The Key To Converting More And More Prospects To Customers
  • The Often Forgotten Back End That Is A Must
  • The Engagement Component

The Key To A High Converting Front-end

The front-end of the funnel simply is where your visitors give you their name and email in exchange for a free gift (also known as a lead magnet, report or freebie). Once you have their information, you can promote your products, programs, and services to them over and over again.

The key is to offer a high-value lead magnet to give them an experience of what they can expect from you. That is why you need to spend some time creating the lead magnet.

Ask yourself:

  • Does it solve their biggest problems?
  • Or does it help them with what is holding them back from what they want to achieve?

Create your lead magnet based on those two questions, and you have achieved what most of your competitors have not provided. This can also align you as a leader or go-to person in your niche.


The #1 Rule of Every Successful Marketing Funnel

Every funnel you create needs to deliver value to set you apart from the rest in your niche. You should be helping your prospect every step of the way, even with your lead magnets. Just because you got their information when they requested your lead magnet, it does not mean they will stay on your list.

Think about it: if you deliver a poor quality or off-topic lead magnet, they may very well unsubscribe from your list. Then you have lost them forever. That is why it is important to make sure you are giving them what they need most in their business right now.

Every step in the funnel has an important part to execute. Make them ready to buy before you even present them something to purchase.


The Key to Converting More and More Prospects to Customers

Your marketing funnel includes the content you create for your landing pages, sales pages, engagement, and emails. Content is a powerful tool that you should sharpen and use with every point of contact you have. Your email sequence will deliver your prospect to the pages you want them to see. This covers the front-end and back-end offers.

Use your free content on your site and on your social media platforms to continually drive traffic to your promotions.


The Often Forgotten Back-end That is a Must

Most online businesses are familiar with the front-end process of your funnel. Are you sure you are capturing sales by not having your back-end process out of the sequence?

Squeeze and sales pages are what people focus on, then stop there. Don’t forget about the people who wanted you to have their email to send them your stuff. Don’t stop at one sales funnel. Continue to inform them of other offers you have. They want to hear from you!

Existing customers and leads are much easier to sell more to than to the process of acquiring new customers. These people have already bought from you and consumed your content. Take them to the next step they need in their business.


The Engagement Factor

People will buy from people they know, like and trust. Too often we automate so much of our processes that we sound more like robots than a person.

The way you communicate to your prospects, whether through email or the content on your website, should be as if you are talking to a friend. Your sales copy should read like you are talking directly to your ideal prospect.

Social media is a great way to incorporate the ‘friend factor’ approach. You do not need to be so serious and formal, which allows a prospect to feel like they are getting to know a person instead of a machine.

The Next Steps

You have learned the importance of marketing funnels for your business growth, now what? It is time to take action and evaluate what you are currently doing in your business. What could happen for you if you follow these guidelines and revamp your funnels?  The only way to know is by doing something about it.

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