Build a Successful Online Business with the One Funnel Away ChallengeBuild a Successful Online Business with the One Funnel Away Challenge

Build a Successful Online Business with the One Funnel Away Challenge

Building a successful online business isn’t rocket science. People succeed at it all the time. But it’s easy to get caught up in the details. Then you get led astray on the path to success.

Here’s everything you need to know to start out right as an online entrepreneur in 2019.

But first:

Why Start an Online Business?

Building an online business is uncharted territory for 99% of people. Most don’t know the first thing about online entrepreneurship. But still, so many people are entering the field. That’s because there are so many benefits to running a successful online business today.

An online business gives you the freedom, flexibility and opportunity to do all sorts of things you want in life. A successful online business can help you:

  • Get out of a dead-end job you hate
  • Work from home
  • Get out of the rut you’ve been stuck in as an entrepreneur
  • Reach more people and have a bigger impact on the world
  • Live the life you want

The Keys to Building a Successful Online Business

Running a successful online business has a lot of benefits. And it’s actually easier to get started than you think. To launch a new online business, you need 3 basic things: (1) a product, (2) a sales funnel, and (3) traffic.

1.    Product

First you need something to sell online. It could be a physical product or digital product. It could be something you invented or products that you bought from a manufacturer. Many online entrepreneurs actually sell affiliate products. With this model, you partner with another business to promote their product to your audience. Then you get a percentage commission from each product you sell.

2.    Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are the most overlooked aspect of building a successful online business. According to a Salesforce survey, 68% of companies don’t have a defined sales funnel. That’s likely why 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales.

3.    Traffic

Once you’ve built a powerful sales funnel, all you have to do is attract web traffic to it. You can do this through blogging, advertising, social media marketing, and a number of other strategies.

Wait, What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is essentially the path your audience travels to turn from a lead into a paying customer. If you want to build a successful online business, having a great product and lots of site traffic simply isn’t enough. You need to nurture leads and help convince them to buy. That’s what sales funnels are for.

Say a salesman knocks on your door and tries to sell you a $700 vacuum cleaner. Even if it looks like the best vacuum cleaner you’ve ever seen, it’s highly unlikely you’ll buy it. $700 is a lot of money. You don’t know anything about the salesman or the product.

But say the salesman instead asks permission to start mailing you information about the cleaning appliances he sells. You receive fliers in the mail over time promoting that vacuum you love. Then one day you get a coupon for 30% off the $700 vacuum. You’re much more likely to buy it now!

That’s how sales funnels work, but in the digital world. They involve several conversion “steps” before you promote your product. A conversion can mean signing up for a mailing list, attending your webinar, buying a tripwire product, and more:

Here’s an example of a basic tripwire funnel to illustrate:

Step 1: Present your audience with an incredible product at a price they can’t refuse.

Mother Funnel Deals

Step 2: After they provide payment information, upsell them a premium product as a special offer.


Step 3: If they pass on the special offer, then downsell them with a discount on more of your original product.

Mother Funnel Deals Upsell

The tripwire funnel puts your premium product in the middle of the funnel. And the funnel stages maximize potential conversions as well as customer lifetime value.

Building a successful sales funnel is challenging. You have to keep creating new offers and pages to figure out what works. The One Funnel Away Challenge is a powerful solution to this problem. Sales funnels aren’t a new thing. There are already proven strategies you can use to nurture your audience into paying customers. All you need is a little knowledge, guidance, and structure to succeed.

The One Funnel Away Challenge

There are lots of resources on the web that will teach you about building sales funnels. Some of them even do a good job of it. You can buy a Udemy course or ebook that will teach you all about sales online. But they’re all missing some unique value that you can only get with the One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge.

The OFA Challenge offers expert advice and hands-on guidance on funnel building. But it also holds you accountable for your own success. Each OFA session is scheduled to start and end on a specific date. To join the course and participate live, you have exactly 30 days to finish it. This includes going through the course material, doing your homework, and building your funnel. That’s why they call it a challenge, afterall.

An ultimatum like this is really valuable in the world of online entrepreneurship. It’s so easy to get caught up in the details and never get anything done to launch your business.  The OFA Challenge provides accountability and motivation to actually succeed at building a sales funnel. No Udemy course or ebook can do that.

Here’s an overview of what the OFA challenge is all about, and how it can help you build a successful online business.

Expert Advice

The OFA Challenge includes the advice of three experts to help you create and implement your first sales funnel:

Russel Brunson
Russel Brunson

Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur and sales funnel expert. Russell trains you with custom videos designed specifically for the OFA Challenge. He teaches the core fundamentals of sales funnel building and the strategy behind your customized 30-day plan.

Julie Stoian
Julie Stoian

Julie Stoian is an expert in digital marketing, funnel building and online entrepreneurship. In this challenge, Julie walks through the steps of your 30-day plan so you can get your funnel built and implemented. Her “how-to” advice can help you turn your business ideas into a tangible reality.

Stephen Larsen
Stephen Larsen

Stephen Larsen is an entrepreneur and sales funnel expert. In the Challenge, Stephen provides you with live training on daily group calls. His job is to answer questions and help you get through the daily tasks you need to succeed. He helps keep participants accountable and on-track for finishing the course in 30-days.

Bonus Materials

Another unique thing about the challenge is that it isn’t all digital. They actually send you some bonus materials in the mail that you use to succeed. All these assets come together in a Challenge Box delivered to you:

One Funnel Away Challenge
Bonus #1: The “30 Days” Book

The 30 Days Book is a resource of funnel strategizing advice from 30 ultra-successful online entrepreneurs. In it, Russell interviews 30 members of his “Two Comma Club.” These are people who’ve generated more than $1 Million using their ClickFunnels funnel. He asks them a loaded question:

You suddenly lose all your money, your name, and reputation. All you have left is your marketing know-how. If you had thirty days to build the one funnel to earn back your millions, what would you do?

Then each chapter goes on to break down their strategies step-by-step. Advice is based on their skills, experience and wisdom building really successful sales funnels. You can learn what they would do each day of the 30-day challenge to earn back their millions.

Bonus #2: The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

The OFA Challenge gives you daily tasks you must complete to get your funnel built and up and running. The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook will help you get your homework done. It includes pages that correspond to each day of the challenge, as well as:

  • A checklist of daily tasks
  • Space for brainstorming ideas
  • Video training links
  • Extra resource links

The workbook spells out everything you need to do each day to stay on track.

Bonus #3: MP3 Player with Live Recordings

The last bonus is an MP3 Player with live recordings of the very first One Funnel Away Challenge. It includes all of Russell’s daily trainings as well as Stephen’s recording from his live coaching calls. Of course, you’ll have your own live group calls to attend as part of the challenge. But if you miss one, you can listen to these recordings instead.

Using the MP3 player allows you to work on the challenge any time from anywhere. You can listen at the gym, in the car, running errands, while traveling, and more.

Cost and “The Catch”

The OFA Challenge offers a lot of value and hands-on help — they could charge a lot of money for it. Instead it costs only $100.

And that’s not really for profit. The $100 is just to cover the cost of the challenge materials. This includes digital assets and things they send in the mail. When you look at their real value, it adds up to a lot more:

One Funnel Away Challenge - Total Value

The One Funnel Away Challenge is more than a great deal. They’re practically giving away value. But whenever you come across an amazing opportunity like this, you have to wonder…

What’s the catch?

Well, the brains behind the OFA challenge do have an ulterior motive, just like any business. But they’re quite transparent about it. To do your challenge homework and successfully build a sales funnel, you need to use the ClickFunnels software.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a software tool developed by Russell Brunson. It’s designed to help you build powerful sales funnels for a successful online business. Building your own webpages from scratch is difficult, but if you use software designed specifically for funnel building, then there’s no need to hire web developers or a tech team to manage it for you.

ClickFunnels has a simple drag and drop web page editor that people at any skill level can use to build their sales funnels. It also has shopping cart capabilities so you can easily sell products to your audience from the sales funnel. Though probably the most valuable aspect of the software is the numerous funnel templates you can use.

ClickFunnels helps you build specialized sales funnels tailored to your specific marketing goals:

Clickfunnel Mandatory Challenge

Is ClickFunnels Mandatory for the Challenge?

You do need to use ClickFunnels software to successfully complete the OFA Challenge. But you technically don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to. ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, and you don’t need to start using it until part-way through the 30-day Challenge. So you could sign up for the trial, create your funnel, then cancel the subscription. But if you go through the course and use ClickFunnels the right way, it’s unlikely you’ll want to cancel. ClickFunnels is an incredibly valuable tool to build, manage, and optimize sales funnels that drive sales.

Start Building Your Online Business This Month

Building a successful online business is not rocket science. You need a few key things to succeed:

  • A product
  • A sales funnel
  • Traffic

But it’s easy to get caught up in the process. You waste unnecessary time teaching yourself how to build a sales funnel and promotion strategy that works.

It’s possible to build an online business and start attracting traffic in 30-days. All you need is a product and the One Funnel Away Challenge to start. 

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