13 Best Places To Host Your Podcast In 201813 Best Places To Host Your Podcast In 2018

13 Best Places to Host Your Podcast in 2018

Podcasting has always been a valuable way to capture your audience’s attention. According to Podcast Insights, 80% of people listen to all or most of every episode of the podcasts they follow.

If you’re looking to get into this marketing area, finding the right hosting platform is an important first step. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the best places to host your podcast in 2018.

1.   Audioboom


Audioboom is a popular platform where you can host, distribute, and monetize your audio. Publish your podcast on their platform then easily embed it on your website, social media, and elsewhere. If you want to allow other brands to display dynamic ads during your show, you can also earn advertising revenue when you use Audioboom.

Audioboom can help you host your podcast with access to unlimited channels and episodes. They’re also partnered with distribution services like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and more to help you get the most reach for your podcast content.


Audioboom starts at $9.99 per month, allowing you to publish up to 5 episodes a month and up to 10,000 plays per month. If you need more volume than this, you can get in touch with them for a custom quote.

2.   BlogTalkRadio


BlogTalkRadio is one of the best places to host a podcast or live radio show. It has special features that allow you to host call-ins and talk in real time with live interviewees or your listeners. BlogTalkRadio also has an easy-to-use studio to help you build your own radio show.

The platform gives you access to basic analytics of your listener volume, or you can upgrade to get information about geographic location and demographics of your audience.


BlogTalkRadio offers 3 pricing levels starting at $39/month. On the premium Silver plan, you get 2 hours of studio time, up to 50 callers per studio session, prime time scheduling and unlimited content storage.

If you want to get extra visibility for your radio show and ad free pages for your content, you’ll have to opt for one of the more expensive plans.

3.   Blubrry

Blubrry is a podcast directory that doubles as a hosting service as well. Their podcast hosting integrates seamlessly with WordPress. It also has unlimited storage and bandwidth options, and the ability to replace your archive for free if needed.

Blubrry also offers podcast statistics to help you analyze the impact and audience of your podcasts. You can measure downloads and plays, view geographic and traffic sources, and more.


Blubrry pricing depends on how much storage you need, starting at 100 MB for $12/month and ending at 1,000 MB for $80/month. Blubrry will also help you build a branded WordPress site to host your podcast for free, and allow you to host it on your own domain for an additional $20/month.

4.   Castos


Castos is one of the best places to host a podcast because it has everything you need for success in one place: WordPress integration, one-click imports, world class analytics — you name it.

Castos also gives you freedom in publication — host your podcast on Castos.com or right on your WordPress site using their podcasting plugin. If you’re picky about aesthetics, Castos is one of the most customizable options out there. You can change the size and color schemes of your media player to better match your website’s look.

The platform also provides great analytics features to help you monitor the performance of your audio content, including playback duration statistics so you can see where listeners are falling off in your show.


You can try out Castos for free with a 14-day free trial. After that it’s $19/month for unlimited storage and episodes, a personalized podcast website, in-depth statistics, and one-click import for your existing content.

5.   Libsyn


Libsyn is one of the best places to host a podcast because of its versatility. It offers solutions for podcasting beginners as well as advanced tools for enterprise businesses. The platform offers publishing tools, media hosting and delivery, RSS feeds for podcast platforms, a website and performance stats, among other features.

One of the unique features about Libsyn is their custom smartphone app. Publish your podcast using their app and you can engage new audiences. It also supports complementary content like audio, video, PDFs and text to go with your podcasts. Include these extras for your audience to offer a really unique content experience for them.


You can start using Libsyn for as little as $5! This includes 50 mb of monthly storage, RSS feed, media player, podcast page, and other features. If you want to take advantage of the custom mobile app, you’ll have to opt for an advanced subscription of $20. Libsyn offers a variety of package offers so you can get the right combination of storage and features for your needs.

6.   OmnyStudio


OmnyStudio is an advanced audio management and publishing platform designed for enterprise businesses. Unlike a lot of podcast hosting platforms, OmnyStudio includes all the tools you need to fine tune, publish, share, and earn money from your podcasts.

The platform also has a drag-and-drop audio editor to help you enhance your podcasts. If you do radio broadcasts, OmnyStudio can also help you automatically capture and store your shows in an archive of content.

OmnyStudio isn’t for beginners, so they expect you to build your own website, but provide easy integrations so you can embed your podcast on your website (as well as Twitter and Facebook).

Lastly, the platform provides on-site solutions to help you monetize your podcasts, including real-time audio ad insertion and live host-read ads.


Since OmnyStudio is an all-in-one solution designed for enterprise businesses, it isn’t cheap. Plans start at $99/month, but you’ll need to enquire to get a quote customized for your needs. They do offer volume discounts for podcast networks or radio networks that host multiple shows.

7.   PodBean


PodBean is great for any size business because they offer a free, easy-to-learn podcasting service for beginners as well as advanced podcasting solutions designed for enterprise businesses.

PodBean integrates with all the major platforms and podcast apps. Your podcast will also appear in their native directory. One cool feature of PodBean is the ability to automatically share your podcast to your social networks through the platform. If you’re interested in monetizing your podcast, the platform will also set you up with advertisers internally.


Unlike some of the other services on this list, PodBean has no caps on storage or bandwidth, so you don’t have to pay more for storage. They offer 4 pricing plans ranging from $3-$99/month. If you want unlimited audio you’ll pay $9/month, or $29/month for unlimited video.

8.   Podiant


Podiant is a cloud-hosted podcasting platform perfect for people new to podcasting. It focuses on providing an interface that’s easy for anyone to understand and use. They offer unlimited storage and analytics so you can know your listener volume, device, and location.

If you need, you can build a website to host your podcast right through the platform, including all the customized pages you’d want. Podiant provides RSS feeds for your podcasts that work with all major podcast apps, including Apple.


It’s actually possible to host your podcast on Podiant with unlimited storage for free, if you apply and get approved for the Podiant Community. Otherwise packages start at $12.99 per month, offering premium website themes, one-to-one technical support, and social media sharing features.

9.   Podomatic

Podomatic calls itself the easiest way to create your own podcast. They outline a 4-step process you can follow for podcasting success:


With Podomatic, you can easily embed your podcasts on any social network and have them play directly from Facebook and Twitter feeds. The platform also provides detailed podcast stats, including information like plays, downloads, embeds, likes, comments, and follows.

If you’re looking to monetize your podcast, Podomatic has partnerships with Patreon and Advertisecast to help introduce your podcast to potential advertisers around the world.


Podomatic actually has all you need to get started with a podcast for free. Their basic package includes 15 GB of bandwidth/month and 500 MB of storage. After that you can try out one of their paid plans starting at 100 GB bandwidth/month for $8.32.

10.   Simplecast

Simplecast also considers itself to be the easiest way to publish and distribute audio podcasts. It does seem to make things easy to do, like one-click publishing to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any other platform. If you have an existing podcast you’re looking to transfer to a new platform, Simplecast makes this easy with one-step importing options. You can also use their recast tool to share clips from your shows on social media.

Simplecast also has industry-leading analytics that can dig down into the specifics, like city, state, and region of listeners:


They even provide mapped city-level listener data as a beta analytics feature.


Simplecast is only $12 a month after a 14-day free trial. This service includes unlimited listener plays, no upload caps, a customizable website, analytics and many other features. There are no contracts or commitments, so you can start or stop your service any time.

11.   SoundCloud


SoundCloud is actually a very popular music discovery and streaming service that also features podcasts. All you have to do is upload your podcast recordings to share them with the millions of daily active users on the platform.

SoundCloud offers some unique features that make it possible to connect with fans through direct messaging and in-track comments. You can also view real-time statistics that show you who’s listening to your podcast and where.

SoundCloud also has a mobile app to help you create your recordings. Once you upload them, you can also share around the web using audio cards to put them on your blog or social media.


You can actually try out SoundCloud for free, including 3 hours of upload time, basic stats and basic embed controls. After that paid packages start at €11/month for unlimited upload time, scheduled releases and other advanced features.

12.   Spreaker


Spreaker is a podcast hosting and discovery platform that will help you set up your first podcast in under 10 minutes. You can use their internal system to record your podcasts from mobile, desktop, or the web. Connect your external tools (mixers, broadcasting software, Skype, etc.) to create a customized show. Or if you prefer, you can import your content to the platform.

Like most of the best places to host a podcast, Spreaker makes it easy to publish your podcast on all the major distribution networks, as well as social networks and YouTube. It also has unique features to help you schedule episodes and embed podcast widgets on your site. If you want, you can even order your own Mobile App.

Spreaker’s platform is a popular one, making it easy to reach listeners. You can also interact with them directly through the comments on your episode’s page if you broadcast live.


You can create your first podcast and try out Spreaker for free with a limit of 15 minutes per audio session and 5 hours of audio storage. If you want to go pro you can expand your limits to 45 minutes per audio session and 100 hours of audio storage for $5.99 a month. Spreaker offers several other packages as well catering to professional broadcasters and radio stations.

13.   ZenCast

ZenCast is one of the best places to host a podcast if you want to spend more time producing than managing your podcast. Their intuitive system asks you to upload audio and provide a title, then they’ll do the rest.

ZenCast helps you create your own customizable website and automatically publishes to related platforms of your choice, like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify:


The platform also makes it easy to optimize your workflow by queueing up future episodes for publication. Once they go live, it automatically updates your website and embedded players with new content. You can also automate half of the work involved with audience engagement by receiving show alerts whenever listeners leave new feedback.


You can try out ZenCast with a 14-day free trial. After that you pay $14/month for unlimited uploads, a podcast website, and standard analytics. If you want to use advanced features like Episode Schedule or Monitor iTunes Reviews, you’ll need to opt for a professional plan at $39/month.

Wrapping up

Thanks to hands-free mobile devices and now the invention of smart speakers, podcasts are continuing to grow in popularity as a way to consume media. Recent research has actually shown that in 2018, 6 million more Americans listened to podcasts compared to last year. That number is only expected to grow.

Podcasting is a great way to reach and capture the attention of your audience. Just make sure you start on the right foot by choosing the best place to host your podcast from this comprehensive list.

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