PLR Content For Affiliate MarketingPLR Content For Affiliate Marketing

PLR Content for Affiliate Marketing

PLR content has steadily been gaining in popularity for the past few years. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and it has provided a fantastic and unique opportunity for affiliate marketers. For those who don’t know what it is, private label rights are special licenses that you can purchase which allows you to edit and publish content that is not your own. You can even slap your name on it and say that you’re the author! PLR is an excellent and relatively cheap alternative for fulfilling your content needs.

There are pros and cons to using PLR content in any capacity. For instance, one of the major advantages of using PLR content is the low cost. If you’re an affiliate marketer on a shoestring budget, PLR content may be the route for you. You can purchase PLR articles for as low as 15 cents. This is especially attractive when you compare it to the rates that you’ll pay when you hire a freelance writer (it’s highly unlikely they’ll accept 15 cents per article). However, you get what you pay for. You may be able to purchase a month’s worth of content for an absurdly cheap price, but it’s highly likely that you’ll be receiving a batch of low-quality content (articles, videos, etc.). You also have to keep in mind that PLR resellers will sell their articles to anyone and everyone. You have to consider how many duplicates of the same content are in circulation.

PLR and affiliate marketing

“Content is king”. You may have heard this phrase recently (it’s been going around the internet like wildfire). That statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to affiliate marketing. The simple truth is that affiliate marketing has become synonymous with quality content in 2017 and beyond.

The affiliate marketing game has changed. Gone are the days where you can simply spam email lists with hundreds of affiliate links and rake in a tidy profit. Google has been on the warpath against affiliate marketers for a long while now, and it’s harder than ever for affiliate marketing sites to rank well without changing up some of their past strategies. Nowadays, affiliate marketers have refocused their energy on promoting quality content.

Packages can vary depending on the type of content that PLR services offer. Most services provide articles, but some services also offer videos, powerpoints, e-books, email copy, and much more. This way, affiliate marketers can focus on what they do best; marketing. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of video editing or article writing. In many cases, affiliate marketers outsource content creation to one service or another for various reasons. One of the major reasons is that the process of content creation can be extremely time-consuming, and it can be difficult to keep up a steady flow of fresh new ideas on a regular basis.

An understandable fear (and one of the weaknesses of using PLR content) is that hundreds of other people may be using the same content that you just purchased (such as another affiliate marketer whose promoting services in the same niche as you). To remedy this issue, you can simply change the content to match your own voice. You may wish to entertain your audience by adding a comedic flair to the content or perhaps make tweaks to make it sound more technical; it’s your choice. Your readers might be used to your style of writing which may become a problem if you were to outright publish a PLR article without modifying it. Therefore, touching up the content with your personality and style is recommended.

Tips for affiliate marketers who plan on using PLR services

There are hundreds of PLR services out there. The problem with most of them is that many site owners only care about making a quick buck. Therefore, not only will the articles be poorly written, but often the writers chosen to create the content are non-native English speakers. Some PLR services specialize in a particular niche while others have databases that house content for hundreds of niches. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind as an affiliate marketer when searching for a PLR service:

  • Ensure that the PLR service covers your niche. If you’re promoting technology companies, but you’re working with a PLR service that specializes in the food niche, then you’ve just wasted your money.
  • Look for a service that offers a cap on the number of people who can purchase the same content. If thousands of people are using the same article, for example, is it really worth it for you to do the same? Wouldn’t it be better if, let’s say, only 150 people were using that same article?
  • Quality content is one of the most important aspects that you should keep your eye out for. Is the content pure fluff? How much value does it offer? Is it SEO friendly?
  • Does the PLR service offer you anything extra as part of its package? Do they provide training on ways to monetize their articles? Speaking of affiliate marketing, some PLR sites partner with affiliate programs to help their customers utilize their content properly.


PLR content is a great option for affiliate marketers to promote various affiliate programs. It saves time, energy, and it’s a great investment of money if you know how to utilize the content correctly. If you’re willing to use a PLR service you should be aware of the difference between a good service and a bad one. On a final note, content is and likely will always be king. Know the difference between good and bad content, and you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else. If you’re interested in using PLR content here are a few well-reviewed sites: IDPLR, ResellRightsWeekly, and MasterResellRights.

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