How Much Is ClickFunnelsHow Much Is ClickFunnels

How Much Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a marketing technique that simplifies the process or creating large and continuous sales. Many popular and successful business owners have used this concept to expand their empires. Based on the human psyche, it is a unique strategy that works by studying how buyers react to sellers.

The Return on Investment

After continuous use, this proven marketing strategy is known to produce a good return on investment (ROI). This is because it works by bringing in a client through the initial engagement then offering them a series of steps that are solely intended for future sales conversions. The funnel was created to offer customers different things at different time periods; it maximizes the profit potential for all these clients.

Who Owns ClickFunnels

Although there are numerous software sales platforms that exist, ClickFunnels has been able to surpass them all. It offers a combination of features that will turn business marketing into a unique experience. But, who owns clickfunnels? Russell Brunson developed this funnel strategy after being an online seller who experienced difficulty with marketing funnels.

As such, he was able to build a solution that provided an easy way to market, sell and deliver products online; ClickFunnels. The software marketing solution makes it possible to build pages that funnel traffic through and allows entrepreneurs to see how their pages are converting and how customers are interacting with their funnel. For many business owners, this is the best way to find success.

What Are The Pricing Options for ClickFunnels Software Products?

  • Before buying or paying for a subscription service for any business, many factors should be taken into consideration. However, there are products like ClickFunnels that are a no-brainer. They can make or break an entrepreneur’s chance of growing their business.This is just a fact.The business angle does not matter. Whether it is blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO or Media Buys, ClickFunnels will bring about success when used in the right way. It is a marketing strategy that can expand even the smallest of brands through enormous sales. So, how much is clickfunnels?Over time, ClickFunnels has evolved in its pricing plan. Although there were three different pricing tiers in the beginning, currently, only two exist.They include:
    a) ClickFunnels-$97/month
    Under this option, entrepreneurs can be able to enjoy a total of 20 Funnels for a total of 100 pages. Considering the reliability of sales funnels, this affordable option guarantees business owners the best of software products and features. The funnel can also be used across three custom domains.It allows for features such as email, Instagram, click pop, click options, order pages, upsell pages and downscale pages. This pricing option also allows for sharing of funnels.Features like auto webinar funnels, webinar funnels, and hang out funnels are also included in this option. Unfortunately, this option does not give access to the two most important ClickFunnels features; Actionetics and Backup.Entrepreneurs who select this pricing plan can enjoy day free trial periods before making actual subscriptions. The trial period offers the necessary training they require after signing up to ClickFunnels.

    b) Etison Suite Plan- $297/month
    Just like its unique name, this ultimate pricing plan that allows entrepreneurs to make the most of the features that do not come with the $97/month plan. Not only does it include a diverse number of features, it also comprises of the two amazing and reliable ClickFunnels features; Actionetics and Backpack.

    • Actionetics: This is a replacement for an email service provider. It makes it possible for the entrepreneur to see everyone who has opted into their lists through the ClickFunnels contact pages. Actionetics allow for the sending of email broadcasts and creating auto responders.

    • Backpack: This is a complete affiliate program for ClickFunnels that promotes affiliate links, banner ads, and email swipe copy.

    The Etison pricing plan also offers access to unlimited pages, unlimited visitors, unlimited contacts and unlimited custom domains.

    It also has a visual email builder feature. Apart from this, it also boasts of options that allow for the management of email lists, autoresponder series and unlimited affiliates. Entrepreneurs can make the most of broadcast emails, easy set-ups, and one-time payments. With this pricing plan, managing affiliates is also an easy task.

    The most sophisticated funnels of the Etison Suite plan include:
    • Lead capture funnels- This is used to grow a mailing list

    • Sales page funnels: They are used to incorporate upsells, sell products and services, one-time offers and maximize customer profitability.

    • Webinar funnels: This feature promotes webinar registrations

    • Online courses: Entrepreneurs can use this feature to sell and host their online course within ClickFunnels.

    • Membership sites: Generates a recurring income for entrepreneurs who want to create membership sites within ClickFunnels.

    This option equally offers a 14-day trial period and a 30-day money back guarantees.

    After jumping into a monthly plan of choice, subscribers can also enjoy the option of a yearly plan. The annual plan provides two free months of ClickFunnels access. This way, subscribers will be able to receive the best features at no cost.

    In order to gain a good understanding of how ClickFunnels work, each pricing plan comes with an eBook ($47) that explains both monthly plans in detail.

    When it comes to ClickFunnels, the pricing options plays a major role in the technical support that entrepreneurs will receive. The marketing plan offers priority support to those who choose Enterprise lanes. Therefore, all subscribers can be certain that they will receive the best support at all times, regardless of their pricing plan.


ClickFunnels is an amazing product for building sales funnels. It offers a reliable way to increase profit. When used well, it generates more profits than it initially costs.

In addition to the benefit that the product offers, the education that results from using ClickFunnels in itself is capable of changing the mindset of an entrepreneur. It is inevitable not to subconsciously absorb the principles that it operates under.

The 4-Day trial period is a good place to start. It will give any interested party an opportunity to learn about ClickFunnels and what both its pricing plans have to offer.

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