Family comes first… Always

My 4 year old daughter woke me up around 5am one morning telling me she had a problem in the kitchen and needed my help… 

I’m not a morning person, so I wasn’t thrilled about getting up at that time and being told there is a problem.. .Meaning I was already angry by the time I got to the kitchen. 

But when I got to the kitchen she was sitting at the table working on a drawing. 

I asked her, rather abruptly, “What’s the problem?”

She responded “We don’t get to draw together much because you work so much… I’m trying to draw us at the zoo and I keep going outside the lines… can you help?”

Immediately I went from angry and tired to emotional and guilty. 

I’ve been working a lot trying to build a business that will allow me to leave my 9-5… Meaning working after I am off of work building my online business trying to escape the rat race and achieve more freedom for myself and my family. 

My daughter taught me a valuable lesson that day. 

You can work your hands to the bone, trying to achieve this lifestyle, winning awards and getting recognition and other fancy things, but in the end it’s pretty simple. 

What kids need most is time, not material things. 

Family comes first… Always. 

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