Value Funnel


This funnel is for anyone looking for a funnel that converts really well and builds raving fans.


  • This funnel was designed to build a lot of value and turn your prospects into raving fans that want to buy from you again and again.
  • All businesses can benefit from having a value funnel.
  • This funnel is all about building relationships with your prospects.
  • The more value you can build at every step of the funnel the better.


  • With the value you funnel you have to make sure that the offers you’re promoting on the back-end are the logical next step to the content you’ve been sending out.
  • With this funnel it is also extremely important to be focused on building a relationship with your prospects.
  • Focus on creating good content that helps the end user before
    asking for the sale.



  • Figure out what it is that you’re going to promote on the back end. What is that end goal?
  • Set up your free gift (lead magnet)
  • Set up the squeeze page that positions your lead magnet and makes people want to join your email list to get it.
  • Set up your thank you page by creating your thank you page video and setting up the link over to your free content that goes below the video.
  • Next put all the emails into your campaign to be dripped out and
  • Finally, connect all the technical pieces to get this funnel live and functioning