Product Launch Funnel


The Product Launch Funnel is awesome when doing a product launch for any type of product in any niche. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a digital product, a coaching program, or even a service. This funnel is very effect and can even be used as an evergreen funnel.


  • This is a very popular funnel that is often referred to as the sideways sales letter because of the way that it is laid out.
  • The idea with a product launch funnel is that you’re building hype and excitement for the product being launched.
  • In this funnel content is dripped over a series of three videos leading up to the launch of your product.
  • The final video in the sequence is extremely important because it is the one that promotes the offer. In this video you’ll want to wrap things up,  deliver the final content and encourage your prospect to take the next step which is to purchase your offer.


  • One of the key elements of this funnel is the excitement that is created to ensure your product launch is a success.
  • Your video content in the first two videos should be engaging, deliver valuable content and leave a cliffhanger for the next video. The final video follows the same formula only at the end it goes into the pitch of the offer.
  • Another key element of this funnel is making sure the email campaign doesn’t end after the third video is delivered. Your email campaign should continue on promoting the offer pitched in video three. This is where the money is made on this funnel!


  • Page Builder – Optimizepress or Clickfunnels.
  • Graphic Tool – Canva, Photoshop
  • AutoresponderAweber, GetResponse, Active
  • Video Editor – Camtasia, Screenflow, Screencastomatic
  • Presentation Software – Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • Payment Processor/Cart Solution – Paypal,


  • Determine what your offer is going to be.
  • Create an outline for the three video series.
  • Record all three product launch videos.
  • Create all the video pages and the squeeze page that you will capture leads on.
  • Set up your autoresponder emails and put them in an
    email campaign inside of your autoresponder to drip out properly.
  • Finally you want to make sure everything is connected together and works as expected.