Local Business Funnel


The Local business funnel is great for businesses trying to get the phone to ring and land more business. It’s works great for local business or anyone that is handling the marketing for a local business such as a digital agency.


  • On the local business squeeze page you’re offering some type of discount or coupon that entices the potential customer to act now.
  • The Thank You Page in the local business funnel is designed to encourage the customer to call in and take you up on the special offer they were presented.
  • By offer coupon codes in your funnel you can track which ad or campaign your customers are coming from.


  • The key to making this funnel work is making sure the prospect has the opportunity to book an appointment right after the squeeze page.
  • The goal is to get your prospects in the door as soon as possible.
  • The next key element of this funnel is making sure you have an email ampaign in place to follow up on the customers that don’t call in.



  • First figure out what your coupon or discount offer is going to be.
  • Next you want to set up the thank you page so that nce they get there, they can book an appointment to claim the offer right away.
  • Then you want to set up your squeeze page giving away the offer.
  • Next you want to set up the email campaigns.
  • Finally you need to put all the technical pieces together.