Mini Course Funnel


The Local business funnel is great for businesses trying to get the phone to ring and land more business. It’s works great for local business or
anyone that is handling the marketing for a local business such as a digital agency.


  • This is a great funnel for that because your mini course is designed to give them the overview of what you teach in your main course.
  • With a mini course you’re giving your prospect great value but at the same time, you leave more to be desired.
  • It is more effective to break up your mini course into multiple sections and drip out the content via your email campaign.
  • Each lesson in the mini course should link to the offer page for your main course.


  • One of the biggest key elements with this funnel is that your mini course leads right into the purchase of your main course.
  • The other key element with the Mini Course funnel is making sure that your mini course is valuable to your prospects.


  • Page Builder – Optimizepress or Clickfunnels.
  • AutoresponderAweber, GetResponse, Active Campaign
  • Video Editor – Camtasia, Screenflow, Screencastomatic
  • Presentation Software – Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • Payment Processor – Paypal, Stripe


  • Determine what the main course offer is on the back-end of your funnel.
  • Build a mini course on that topic that gives the high level overview.
  • Create a squeeze page that promotes the mini course.
  • Create the content for the mini course.
  • Set up all the mini course pages with links to the main course offer.
  • Create the email campaign that drips out the lessons
  • Test the technical aspects of all pages in the funnel