High Ticket Coaching / Service Funnel



  • Its extremely important that you squeeze page is very related to the coaching or service that you’re going to be selling on the backend.
  • When selling at high ticket prices it’s really important to build rapport and demonstrate your expertise.
  • You only want to talk to people that are most likely to join your
    coaching or service as strategy calls can take a while.


  • One of the first key elements of the high ticket funnel is the amount of personal interaction the prospect gets from you.
  • The next key component to this funnel is having a targeted lead magnet on the front-end of the funnel.
  • One of the most important elements to this funnel is giving the roadmap or path to success to your clients.
  • The next key element is having your strategic application page in place.
  •  The last key component which is the email campaign to get them back in the funnel.


  • Page Builder – Optimizepress or Clickfunnels.
  • AutoresponderAweber, GetResponse, Active Campaign
  • Video Editor – Camtasia, Screenflow,
  • Presentation Software – Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • Application Software – Surveymonkey, Wufoo
  • Calendar software – Calendly, Schedule Once


  • Figure out what your coaching or service offer is. What is your high ticket coaching program or service?
  • What will people actually be getting out of that particular program?
  • Where is your audience at now  and where do they want to be?
  • Determine what you’re going to do on the strategy calls to convert prospects into buyers.
  • Set up an application that will weed out the people that need your service, want your service, and can afford your service.
  • Create a lead magnet that is very related to your coaching service or service funnel to ensure you get
    the right people in your funnel
  • Create your thank you page video that will convert someone from a free lead into someone that fills out
    the application.
  • Do the technical work to connect all the pieces of your funnel together.
  • Write the emails of your automated email campaigns and add them to your autoresponder.