Free Plus Shipping Book Funnel



  • The Free Plus Shipping funnel is setup so that you have a very high value offer you’re giving away for free. In this case, a book. People love free stuff, especially when it’s typically something that is charged for. That makes the free offer in this funnel very appealing.
  • This funnel is often used with paid traffc because it converts really well and the shipping and upsell offer can offset the paid traffc costs which means you can acquire buyer leads for free.
  • There have been many variations to this funnel for offers on the frontend other than books. For example, fitness/nutrition compa- nies might offer a free protein shaker as a free plus shipping offer.


  • The biggest key point with this funnel is it offers a ton of value to the prospect for a great price. People love getting something for free that normally costs money, and that is why this funnel works so well.
  • The other key point is the liquidating offer. This is extremely powerful because when you can pay for traffc at no cost, you can build up a massive list of leads.


  • Page Builder – Optimizepress or Clickfunnels.
  • AutoresponderAweber, GetResponse, Active
  • Video Editor – Camtasia, Screenflow, Screencastomatic
  • Presentation Software – Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • Payment Processor/Cart Solution – Paypal,


  • The first step is figuring out what the offer or offers that your going to sell on the back-end of the funnel. Its extremely important to know this first
    before you develop the marketing funnel that gets
    people into it.
  • Next you need to decide which book of yours you’re going to promote or create one that sales the offer on the back end of your funnel.
  • Then you need to create the copy that frames the book in a very positive light.
  • Next you create your squeeze pages and order pages.
  • Then you want to figure out what your upsell offer is and create it. If you don’t have an upsell offer yet,
    and remember, this can just be an expansion of what is inside of the book. This offer is best as video or
    webinar content.
  • Next, you will need to set up all the technical pieces.
  • Then you need to test everything to make sure it all functions properly and people are routed through
    the funnel as they proceed.
  • Finally you want to set up all the email campaigns.