Cheatsheet Funnel



  • The reason this funnel is called a cheat sheet funnel is because on your squeeze page you’re going to be giving away a high quality cheat sheet that people will want to download and in turn will join your email list.
  • When creating a cheat sheet funnel, creating a visual representation of your cheat sheet can be very powerful.
  • In this funnel most of your money is made on the back end.


  • One of the key components to this funnel is giving away a really valuable cheat sheet that is related to the offers or products that you sell.
  • Another key component is the use of a graphical representation of your cheat sheet to increase conversions on your squeeze page.
  • The last key element of this funnel is making sure that your download page is monetized by having an offer below the download button


  • Page Builder – Optimizepress or Clickfunnels.
  • AutoresponderAweber, GetResponse, Active Campaign
  • Video Editor – Camtasia, Screenflow,
  • Presentation Software – Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • Graphic Creation Tool – Photoshop, Canva.
  • Cheat Sheet Creation Tool – Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Canva.


  • Create a cheat sheet that is highly relevant and helpful to your niche audience. Be sure to create a cheat sheet that leads right into the offers you’re promoting on the back-end.
  • Create your cheat sheet.
  • Create a graphical representation of the cheat sheet.
  • Create the pages of your funnel from beginning to end.
  • Add your emails into your autoresponder account.
  • Test the funnel by going through it yourself as your potential leads and customers will go through it.