Ascension Funnel



  • The way this funnel works is it has a squeeze page on the front end, an upsell, and another upsell.
  • This funnel gets its name because it starts at a low price and ascends you to the next offer which goes up in  price sequentially.
  • This funnel is perfect for maximizing revenue in your funnel.
  • If you give away some tips on the front end then you give them a full product on that topic in upsell one.
  • The next upsell can be a more advanced version of what you sold in the first upsell.
  • The goal is to slowly ascend the prospect through the funnel buying at higher and higher prices as they proceed giving you a higher customer value.


  • This funnel is great for taking a customer that has just found you and your business and turning them into a customer of your entire product line!
  • It’s extremely important that you keep all the offers in this funnel very related to keep conversion rates high.



  • Take a look at your existing product line to determine which ones would go together well in an ascension funnel.
  • Come up with a lead magnet that will logically take people interested in purchasing those products and pull them into your funnel.
  • Add your email campaigns.
  • Put all the technical pieces together and ensure everything is tested. make and set up your email campaigns.