Affiliate Funnel



  • Can build a buyers list and a freebie list as you build your affiliate¬†marketing business.
  • The squeeze page in your affiliate marketing funnel is designed to give away something for free in exchange to get leads on your email list.
  • The bridge page is key to the affiliate funnels success as it will in- crease your conversions when promoting affiliate offers.
  • The goal with your affiliate funnel is to get people over to purchase the affiliate offer you’re promoting.
  • The bonus access page will add them to your affliate buyers list!


  • The biggest key to a successful affiliate funnel is the bridge page.
  • The next key component to this funnel is that you want to make sure that your front end squeeze page and lead magnet offer is related to the products that you’re going to promote.
  • The last key point here is that you want to have emails setup to drip out to your leads list to people that don’t buy your affiliate offer on the first promotion.



  • Find the offer or offers you plan to promote as an affliate.
  • Create a lead magnet that would attract targeted buyers for that offer.
  • Create your freebie list and buyers list in your autoresponder account
  • Create your bonus you will offer to buyers that buy through your affliate link.
  • Create your bridge page video and bridge page.
  • Set up the deliver page for your bonus.
  • Connect all the technical pieces together.
  • Write your email campaigns.
  • Test the funnel to make sure everything is working properly.