Advertorial Funnel


The advertorial funnel can be used in any niche for anyone with any type of product being sold. A good advertorial can be the forn end of any type of funnel.


  • An advertorial is very strategically created articles that works almost like a sales letter.
  • It’s an article written with the entire purpose of turning someone from a reader into a lead ultimately into a customer.
  • Inside the advertorial you will notice it has multiple banners that lead to the squeeze page because you are trying to convert them to a lead.


  • The advertorial on the front-end is a value first funnel meaning your prospect gets a lot of value on the front-end.
  • Another key part of this funnel is the autoresponder campaign de-signed to get people back to the calendar page.


  • PAGE BUILDER – Optimizepress or Clickfunnels.
  • AUTORESPONDERAweber, GetResponse, Active Campaign
  • VIDEO EDITOR – Camtasia, Screenflow, Screen-castomatic
  • PRESENTATION SOFTWARE – Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • PAYMENT PROCESSOR – Paypal, Stripe


  • First determine what your offer is. What are you going to be selling on the back-end of your advertorial funnel. That will become the foundation of everything you create for this funnel.
  • Craft a really good lead magnet around designed to deliver value and get prospects on a call with you.
  • Write an advertorial that is set up to deliver value, yet is optimized to send prospects to your squeeze page.
  • Set up an automated email campaigns to deliver value, build a relationship with your prospects to your squeeze page.
  • Set up all the technical components to get this funnel live.