My new blog

What’s is up everyone?!?!

I am going to give this blogging thing a try. For a about 6 years I have been learning about internet business, and making money online. Yet, I am not making any significant money on the inter-webs.

Last month Google did direct deposit $100.23 into my online savings account through Google AdSense primarily from 1 video I created on YouTube back in Feb. of 2013.

So… that is $20/year in ad revenue! Woot woot! or is it Woop woop!

Regardless, the video is still making a small amount of money and I frequently think that I should create more videos to capitalize on YouTube.

But life gets in the way.

I am sure you know all about that. Our big plans get drowned by the waves of our 9-5 jobs, family and friends. Oh, can’t forget the yard work and house repairs. Then there are the babies and children… Seems like there really is also something fighting for our attentions.

Thus the reason I have been “learning” about making money online for so long and not actually taking serious consistent action.

The plan for this site/blog is to just let it all out. I have no plan, except the plan to just wing it.

Whatever comes to mind I will post about. Maybe it will be about my family, maybe I will post about my passion of photography and how my wedding photography business is doing. Maybe, just maybe I will share what I am doing relating to internet marketing to generate some extra income, and eventually some passive income.

That’s it for now. Until next time, take care and God bless!

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